Dry Verge Job, Strensall York

Dry Verge work on a residential property

The Client had issues with faulty mortar work to the existing gables. We suggested the client have Manthorpe Dry Verge units and fittings installed to stop any future problems and leave the gables maintenance free.

Once the gables were stripped back of the existing roof tiles, the old battens and felt were removed and replaced to ensure that a correct and solid fixing of the dry verge units could be guaranteed. The new battens were carefully cut with the correct overhang over the gable, so when the dry verge units were installed they would have a nice straight finish up the gable end.

The tiles were re-fixed to the roof including a new dry verge unit to each course of tiles on the roof. Eave closure units and ridge cap ends were also installed and any removed ridges re-bedded and pointed to the roof.