Lead bays replacement, Heslington, York

Lead bay replacement work - Heslington, York

The bay had its old lead removed. Underneath we found a large majority of the timber work was rotten. This was all removed and replaced using red wood of the same quality as the existing timber.

New mop rolls timber was installed to the hip end bay for the lead to be dressed over. Code 5 lead was cut in pieces to fit each side of the bay and dressed neatly into place. Once dressed, the lead was sealed with patination oil to stop a powdery white, non-adherent coating of lead carbonate - a corrosion product, which is aesthetically unacceptable - appearing on the lead once work was completed.

The abutment wall was finished with a code 5 lead step flashing which was anchored in place with lead plugs and the chase was sealed with lead specialist sealant.