Solatube, Natural daylight light system

Solatube, Natural daylight light system

Lighting with natural light - Heworth, York

RKS Roofing Contractors were recently contacted by a client who had a very dark hallway and landing area at the centre of their home, which they wanted lighting with natural lighting if possible. We offered the customer a written quotation using the Solatube system.

The Solatube rigid system offers a much more efficient system than other products on the market, it reflects as much as 99.7% of light into the building compared with just 9.72% from its competitors.

We were selected to install the system for the client. We installed two full Solatube systems to the hallway and landing.

The reflective tubing came through the roof loft space and worked well, with specialist angles directed to the areas that needed lighting successfully. The client is delighted with the finished installation and the effect it has on their hallway and landing.