Roofers in York: RKS Roofing Contractors

York Roofers RKS are experienced commercial and residential roofing contractors covering all kinds of "pitched roofing works", as well as undertaking work for new-build projects, RKS Roofing Contractors specialise in heritage renovation work and working on historic buildings.

Our family-run firm prides itself on an excellent reputation for quality, service, safety and reliability. The company employs a skilled team of qualified roofing specialists and craft operatives, who have wide knowledge in both traditional and up to date roofing skills.

If you are looking for a good roofer in York or a good roofing contractor in the York area please give us a call - we will be happy to provide free quotes on roofing repairs. Finding a recommended roofer or roofing contractors can be difficult, but we are extremely proud of our work and the standards we achieve, with customer satisfaction as our main objective. With the best reputation in the local area for our roofing services, we can assure you are in safe hands and can expect a high level of professionalism and superb workmanship.

Our roofing company offers a guarantee of all work carried out. Our roofing expertise and experience are second-to-none, and there is no job too big, or too small for our dedicated team. Our roofing contractor services are available in Strensall, Nether Poppleton, Rawcliffe, Haxby, Wiggington, Earswick, New Earswick, Huntington, Osbaldwick, Murton, Fulford, Gate Helmsley, Kexby, Stamford Bridge, Wilberfoss, Dunnington, Sutton on Derwent, Elvington, Weldrake, Esrick, Naburn. We also provide roof repairs in surrounding areas York, Malton, Pickering, Scarborough Shipton, Driffield, Thirsk, Beverly, Hull, Selby, Harrogate, Knaresborough, Tadcaster, Wetherby and Leeds.

Domestic Roofing

As a roofing contractor we carry out all types of pitch roofing and flat roof works in traditional and new methods in and around York. We carry out small repairs to major re-roofs. As competent roofers, we carry out work to a very high standard.

  • Re-roofs - slate or tile
  • uPVC Guttering replacement
  • Wooden gutter replacement
  • Cast iron guttering replacement
  • Tile or slate repairs
  • Grp flat roofing systems
  • Lead work (chimney, lower level bays, abutment flashings, valley replacement)
  • Storm damage and insurance work
  • Roof insulation
  • New build roofs and new extension work
  • Solar panels and solar tube natural lighting systems
  • Fascia and soffit replacement

Re-Roofs York

RKS Roofing Contractors as a company carry out all types of re-roofs, from main roofs and industrial buildings to small porches or outhouses. Our qualified team of roofers can carry out work in traditional and new methods.

Slate re-roofs - Slate is a natural product. Unlike many other roof products, it is more expensive than artificial man-made products (e.g concrete tiles) but has a greater life span and is exceptionally durable in comparison. Slates have an expected life span of 75 years compared with as little as 12 years for artificial materials such as concrete tiles. Slate also retains its natural colour even in UV light and is impermeable to water and stands the test of time. Some of the new welsh slates can be issued with a 100-year guarantee if installed to quarry specification. Welsh slate is a very popular slate in York and throughout the UK. Slates are commonly found on roofs in York. Welsh Slate is generally regarded as the finest slate in the world; it has been used for many centuries on all kinds of buildings and houses by roofers in York. Welsh slate is proven to be the toughest natural slate product known to man. It has the longest lifecycle when compared to any other slate and is available in a wide variety of colours. On most of the slate re-roofs in york, we find that a number of the existing slates on the roof are perfectly re-usable. We re-use these on our re-roofs, with a reclaimed slate of the same quality, to make up for broken or unusable slates on the roof. This is the only type of slate we recommend to use. Many roofing contractors carry out roof repairs and replace roofs with cheap alternatives i.e. Spanish slate or Chinese slate which is less durable and has a shorter life span.

Tiles Re-roofs - Tiles are a man-made substitute for slate and was formed as a cheaper alternative to using slate. There is a wide range of clay and concrete and tiles and fittings available. There are interlocking and double lap tiles available from several suppliers and the cost varies from tile to tile. Suppliers we use include Sandtoft, Redland, Marley Russell to name a few. These tiles are mainly machine-made and concrete tile technology has developed different colours and finishes which replicate the appearance of slate and other traditional roof covers as well as many different colours.

Also available are traditional reclaimed tiles which can be hand-crafted e.g. plain tiles, pantiles or French Gaelic tiles. These again are both widely used around the York area and one of our company’s specialities.


Tiled roofs can last up to 50 years and require little maintenance if installed correctly. Also with tiles, you can install dry verge and ridge systems which make the roof mortar free. Slate roofs should last 75 years or more and require little maintenance if installed correctly.

Dry Verge and Ridge Systems York

Dry ridge and verge systems have been designed over the past few years from companies such as Marley, Klober, Manthorpe and several others. These units have been designed to make roofs mortar free and in turn maintenance free.

PVC dry verge is specially designed to block any gaps that could permit birds or large insects entering the roof space. It makes an attractive, no-maintenance edging to any roof - in either slate or tile. It can be fitted to existing buildings to replace failing mortar, cover any unsightly gaps and stop any falling debris. They can be used on new builds, existing properties and the units come in a range of colours blue, black, brown and white. Also available are clay and concrete verge tiles. These are a similar system to the PVC dry verge but the gable end tile has a finish which come over the gable end.


If installed correctly with eave closures and cap ends, dry verge will be maintenance free for over 10 years.

Lead Work York

Lead can be used for a wide range of roofing purposes from water proofing box gutters, valleys, dormer tops and cheeks, canopies and chimneys to decorative objects. In comparison to synthetic alternatives, lead is still one of the most durable and easy to use materials and can last over 100 years! Lead can also contribute to sustainable construction due to its long service life and durability.


It also requires little, if any, maintenance during its many years of service. The only real care for lead products is to give it a coat of patination oil lead, this seals the lead. If this is not used in rainy or damp conditions new lead will quickly develop an uneven powdery white, non-adherent coating of lead carbonate, an aesthetically unacceptable corrosion product. This causes staining of tiles and brickwork and spoils the overall appearance of the areas around the lead.

GRP Flat Roofing Systems York

Cure It, the GRP roofing system which we use is issued with a 20 year warrant. The product is a fully-formulated, wet-laid, GRP waterproofing system. It is highly flexible and is fully-bonded to the roof substrate. The system is resistant to any wind uplift that could reasonably be expected during the product’s lifespan.

The Cure It waterproofing system can be used for waterproofing applications of almost any size or complexity. The ability to produce different finishes, such as a nonslip surface, and be finished in a range of different colour options; means that GRP (glass reinforced plastic) roofing is now a popular and viable alternative to traditional roofing systems used previously.

The application of a fibre glass roofing system is very straight forward, GRP (glass reinforced plastic) is the technical name for what is commonly known as 'fibreglass'. Originally developed in 1938 for use in insulation, GRP is extremely durable and today is used in a variety of applications across several industries. Also known as FRP (fibre reinforced polymer), GRP is extremely versatile, strong and waterproof, making GRP the ideal solution for applications such as roofing systems.


No maintenance and comes with a 20 year warranty. The surface of the roof may need cleaning periodically, but only for aesthetics.

Cast Iron Guttering and Other Guttering Systems York

Cast Iron guttering systems are used widely on traditional buildings and heritage sites through out York. Cast Iron is a long term solution to guttering and has a fantastic life span if maintained correctly. It comes in a wide variety of shapes and sizes i.e. Half Round, moulded, Rectangular etc. There are many cast iron extras available like hopper heads and detailed pieces which are available to suit all building designs. Cast is also a very environmentally friendly product: Cast iron uses 97% re-cycled material in the manufacture of gutters and rainwater systems, which in turn are 100% recyclable. Cast iron is a Greenpeace recommended drainage material. Long Life. Strong and durable, cast iron has a proven life span above 50 years, and it is not uncommon for it to exceed 100 years. Cast Iron systems will last your lifetime. The natural consequence of this of course is minimal environmental impact.


Minimal maintenance: cast iron guttering and down pipe systems require little structural. It only periodical needs painting approximately every 5 years (depending on climate conditions and location).

UPVC Guttering York

The most common type of guttering used in the UK and can come in many different shapes and sizes. Plastics are the most cost efficient way of replacing your guttering and have many installation benefits from its easy use, to its ability to be used in awkward spaces. UPVC is also now available in shapes and sizes to imitate cast iron.


UPVC Guttering, fascias and sofits require very little maintenance over their life. Just keep the gutter lining clear and wipe down as and when required with an UPVC Cleaning product.

Wooden Guttering York

Wooden guttering is the oldest form of guttering and has the least effect on the environment and would be classed an environmentally friendly product. Wooden gutters have been slowly replaced by cheaper plastic and metal alternatives.


Maintenance includes repainting regularly. Also the gutter lining will need regular attention with bitumen or oil based paint. This can increase the life span of the gutter tremendously if done correctly.

Solar Tubing and Natural Lighting York

Solar tubing and day-lighting Systems provide a compelling alternative to artificial lighting, bringing the benefits of piping brilliant, natural sun light to both new and existing buildings. These products can transform homes, offices, schools, factories, hospitals, in fact almost any building that requires additional daylight; whilst at the same time reduce energy consumption, costs, and your carbon footprint.

A Solar tubing System works similarly to a window; the brighter the day outside, the more light you receive inside. The key when selecting a tubular day-lighting device is to make sure you choose the system that takes best advantage of the available light levels at all times of the day and year, and actively helps to control the light levels in your room; especially in corridors or stair cases with no windows or natural light. The solar tubes we use are rigid and reflect 99.7% of light in to your home. There are products on the market which are flexible which are easier to install but reflect only 9.72% of light in to your building.


There is no general maintenance with these products and most systems come with a 10 year warranty.

Facias and Soffits (roofline) York

Facia and soffit replacement can either be in traditional painted timber or uPvc.