GRP Flat Roofing in York

GRP Flat Roofing Systems York

Cure It, the GRP roofing system which we use, is issued with a 20-year warranty. The product is a fully-formulated, wet-laid, GRP waterproofing system. It is highly flexible and is fully bonded to the roof substrate. The system will be resistant to any wind uplift that could reasonably be expected during the product’s lifespan.

The Cure It waterproofing system can be used for waterproofing applications of almost any size or complexity. It has the ability to produce different finishes, such as non-slip surfaces, and the product can be finished in a range of different colour options; this means that GRP roofing is now a popular and viable alternative to traditional roofing systems used previously.

The application of Fibre Glass roofing system is very straight forward, GRP (glass reinforced plastic) is the technical name for what is commonly known as 'fibreglass'. Originally developed in 1938 for use in insulation, GRP is extremely durable and today is used in a variety of applications across a number of industries. Also known as FRP (fibre reinforced polymer) GRP is extremely versatile, strong and waterproof, making GRP the ideal solution for applications such as roofing systems.


None and comes with a 20-year warranty. The surface of the roof may need cleaning periodically, but only for aesthetics.