Solar Panel Installation in York

Solar Panels and Solar Tube Lighting in York

Solar tubing using Day-lighting Systems provide a compelling alternative to artificial lighting, bringing the benefits of piping brilliant, natural sunlight to both new and existing buildings. These products can transform homes, offices, schools, factories, hospitals, in fact almost any building that requires additional daylight; whilst at the same time reduce energy consumption, costs, and your carbon footprint.

A Solar tubing System works in a similar manner to a window; the brighter the day outside, the more light you receive inside. The key when selecting a tubular daylighting device is to make sure you choose the system that takes the best advantage of the available light levels at all times of the day and year and actively helps to control the light levels in your room; especially in corridors or staircases with no windows or natural light. The solar tubes we use are rigid and reflect 99.7% of light into your home. There are products on the market which are flexible, which are easier to install but reflect as little as 9.72% of light into your building.