Fascia and Soffits in York

Fascia and Soffits York

The eaves of a house are the part of the roof that overhangs the edge of the walls, keeping water clear from the walls, and preventing problems with water and damp seeping through into the building. To protect the rafters, boards are added to the edge and the underside of the eaves. These also provide a firm base to which to attach gutters. These boards are known as fascias and soffits.

Over time, weather and ageing can cause decay, and you may find you need to repair your fascias and soffits. There can be problems with mould growth or with rotting wood, or perhaps the boards become discoloured or begin to peel and start to look shabby. Fascia and soffit replacement can be a large operation, as the edge of the roof extends around the entire house. Gables and dormer windows can also provide extra considerations.

There are several different styles of fascia and soffit, from traditional painted wooden fascias to modern plastic/uPVC fascias. Fascias can also be more ornamental, for example in decorative styles. Fascias can also be matched to your house and window finish, with white fascias and brown fascias both popular choices. Soffit vents are another option, and these help to provide air circulation to your attic.

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